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Campbell & Associates, P.A., CPA’s is a registered investment advisor in the State of Florida.  We offer personalized investment services for individual, business and retirement plan investors.  We work directly with clients to determine the appropriate investment strategy based on each client’s investment objectives. These circumstances may include but are not limited to considerations of time horizon, risk tolerance, experience with investments, tax considerations, need for distributions, socially responsible investment concerns, as well as the general economic climate.  We work with the client to jointly develop a client’s personal Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to guide the strategic and tactical management of the client’s portfolio. The tactical decisions involved in managing our advisory accounts will be executed by independent registered investment advisors. (Sub-Advisors) selected by us after a management search and appropriate due diligence. We typically utilize CPS Investment Advisors, an unaffiliated investment advisor as Sub-Advisor.  We are only compensated with a fee based on the value of the assets under management.  Our fee-only approach eliminates conflicts of interest regarding commissions.  By using this approach, we are on the same side of the table and are working toward the long-term objective our clients have outlined.  We promote a disciplined investment style that avoids the instability of a market-timing strategy.  As a CPA and Registered Investment Advisory firm, we adhere to a code of professional conduct and ethics and we have a fiduciary duty to our clients.   

It is our core purpose to add value to our clients, our business associates, our families and our community.  Therefore, we have constructed an extraordinary Financial Services firm that benefits our clients, their businesses and families.  Our success is attributed to customized service instituting the characteristics of professionalism that come with being Certified Public Accountants and a Registered Investment Advisor.  As such we review and monitor our client’s entire financial picture.  Despite our success, we continue to strive to outperform our accomplishments.  

Our objective is to consistently strive to deliver financial solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

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